Steering Behaviors - Artificial Intelligence

One the fundamental things that form part of any game artificial intelligence are the steering behaviors that the NPC (non-player characters) exhibit.

Flee, Seek, Hide, Path Following, Wall Following and Obstacle Avoidance are some of the core behaviors that are required for the NPC to do anything meaningful.

Our game, Catch the Aliens, tries to mimic the intelligence as exhibited by humans while playing the game of Fire and Ice. Fire and Ice is an interesting artificial intelligence challenge because it requires constant decision making which switches from aggression to defense and vice-versa. The NPC are not only trying to avoid the player but are also trying to reach-out and help their friends. Hence the NPC is required to exhibit contradictory behaviors time and again and hence very interesting situations and decision making takes place.

If you are someone interested in steering behaviors and their interplay, we highly recommend having a look at our game. The game is free to download and costs nothing. Download here!!

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