Building an App - Catch the Aliens

Building a high-quality app can be roughly compared to conquering a peak for the first time. There are steep slopes and abysses. The climber is pushed to the limit and stretched thin. And yet the sight of the peak drives him to keep taking the next step until the summit is conquered.

We spent the last 2.5 years climbing one steep hill after another. We have fallen and bruised our knees. We have strayed and lost several times. We have had moments of doubts and decisions.

Yes!! The App is finally ready to ship.

I take this opportunity to congratulate my entire team which has been the most amazing bunch of people who have kept incredible faith and shown indomitable spirit, resilience and passion.

Happy to share the videos roughly documenting our journey. The journey of an app taking shape.

2012 - Catch the Aliens 1st Trailer YouTube

2012 - Catch the Aliens 2nd Trailer YouTube

2014 - Catch the Aliens 3rd Trailer YouTube

2014 - Catch the Aliens 4th Trailer YouTube